Pricing Information

Property Management Agreement

Evaluation of your Home for Rental Readiness (Free of charge for management and marketing agreements)

10% of the monthly rental amount or a minimum of $80.00 a month.

The Full-Service Management Fee covers the following services:

Leasing the Property


40% off first month’s rent per lease. (12 month minimum)

Lease renewal:

15% off one month’s rent after lease is renewed.

The services provided in leasing the property include:

Marketing Agreement

Townsend Real Estate can advertise and place a tenant in your property, without managing your property.
Our marketing agreement is for the hands-on landlord that is willing to handle the day-to-day management of their rental property.
The marketing agreement has a fee equal to 1 month’s rent and consists of:

*If repairs are needed between Townsend tenants, there is no mark up.

When Townsend first takes in a property, if maintenance is needed, there is a 10% markup on any maintenance that is not cleaning, carpet cleaning, or lawn care.

Maintenance/ Rehab

Managing Normal Maintenance

The cost of managing normal maintenance breakdowns (issues under $500.00) is included in our monthly management fee and there is no extra charge for managing small issues.

Managing Rehab, Renovation and Restoration

Rehab, Renovation, Replacements: 10% Rehab Premium (non tenant damage)
Townsend will obtain 2 estimates for work. Each additional estimate will cost $50.

On a vacant unit, owners can use anyone to oversee and manage large projects (generally items over $500.00). When they ask us to manage the large projects there is a 10% Rehab Premium (10% of the cost of the project is paid to the manager to get estimates, manage the work, oversee quality controls, address cleanup/warranties and invoicing issues).

*When the owner oversees these large projects there is no charge.