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Alex Townsend

P: 910-321-7965 | E: Alex@Townsendrealestate.com
Alex knew he wanted to join the family business long before graduating from ECU. After attaining his B.S. in Industrial Distribution and Logistics with a Business minor, Alex was eager to start working for the company his Father established by helping maintain the reputation it was built on, while competing with ever changing technologies and markets.
Alex constantly looks for areas of growth and improvement – new and resourceful ways to enhance how his team can most effectively provide the best possible service. Deep family values of honesty, integrity, and fairness, find their way at the core of Alex’s approach to business practices, which is why his team finds great pride in working alongside him.
It is Alex’s earnest desire to build a platform in which his team can reach their full potential and work together in serving the community he’s always called home.
Outside of the business, Alex looks forward to spending time at home with his Wife and 2 dogs Bella and Skip.


Diane Culberson

P: 910-321-7955 | E: Diane@Townsendrealestate.com
The longest member of Townsend’s rental office, Diane has held the all important responsibility of managing property finances since October 2009. With over 25 years experience in accounting and auditing procedures, Diane couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for the role of Head Bookkeeper.
Diane studied Business at Bladen Community College and trained in accounting under a former employer. As a dedicated employee, she places great importance on the quality of her work, understanding just how crucial the accuracy behind numbers can be.
Her workmates are often amazed at how she juggles multiple tasks yet always manages to listen patiently and attentively, devoted to her share of ensuring departmental cooperation and collaboration. Diane is never too busy to listen, never too overwhelmed to answer, and never without a yummy treat for her fellow co-workers!
Away from the office Diane loves cooking, baking and staying active on trips and exploring with her grandchildren.


April Meza

P: 910-709-2672 | E: april@townsendrealestate.com
Since her start in 2013, April has brought a wealth of experience to Townsend’s management team. With over 20 years in Real Estate, April has managed both single family homes and entire apartment communities, gaining versatility and invaluable knowledge in property management.
April’s ability to communicate with Owners in an honest and straight forward manner has earned her the respect of anyone she’s had the privilege of working with. Because April thrives to live by the Golden Rule, she treats others the way she’d like to be treated. So whether it’s an Owner leasing their home for the first time, or a Tenant searching for a new place to call home, April finds an enormous sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in helping make these transitions as smooth as possible.
April is big on family, and takes pleasure in spending lots of time with them. She also enjoys gardening, golfing, and a good hearty laugh with friends.


Pam Collier

P: 910-321-7951 | E: pam@townsendrealestate.com
As her motto, Pam quotes a notable figure when saying “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” It is this view on the impact of words that embodies the way Pam uses speech in her relationships with everyone she encounters.
Beginning in the summer of 2013, Pam started as the Receptionist, playing the important role of greeting and assisting customers. Pam’s whimsical and light-hearted spirit brought a smile to everyone she encountered. Her positive nature along with a sincere desire to help individuals is paramount to her work ethic.
Pam has a long history of interest in homes beginning with real estate studies in college, and then working in the real estate finance industry. She currently serves as Townsend’s Assistant Bookkeeper/Legal Processor. Some of Pam’s personal interests lie within her community and include staying active within her local church and volunteering for Connections of Cumberland County.


Melanie Sparrow

P: 910-321-7977 | E: melanies@townsendrealestate.com
Like others before her, Melanie had her start in Reception, with a focus on assisting customers one on one with their basic rental needs. It wasn’t long though, before Melanie realized there was more she could offer Townsend’s rental office.
Almost a year after her start in the fall of 2013, Melanie developed a strong interest in learning various aspects of Marketing and soon began assisting the Marketing/Intake Coordinator with advertising rental properties. Leaning on Web Development and Digital Communication studies, Melanie adjusted comfortably into this role, excited for the opportunity to have a larger share in the property management process.
Melanie now serves as the Office Manager, working closely with Alex to ensure the office runs smooth and everyone has what they need to work effectively. She aims to maintain a positive and productive work environment in order to provide a superior customer experience.
Away from the office, Melanie’s takes pleasure in reading, writing and crafting.


Jennifer Walker

P: 910-709-1002 | E: jennifer@townsendrealestate.com
With over 10 years of experience in Real Estate, Jennifer shares her passion with the business as she strives to help Owners and Tenants navigate through the management process. Jennifer aims to ensure that everyone is treated justly and respectfully.
Jennifer’s interest in people led her to study Psychology but an even stronger interest in helping people find a home they love landed her in the world of Real Estate, and she’s never looked back! Since 2015, Jennifer has grown to appreciate how her Townsend team truly cares for its clients.
Outside of work, Jennifer loves baking, photography, traveling, spending weekends at the beach, maintaining her garden and above all, enjoying Motherhood with her new bundle of joy!


Sarah Shoffner

P: 910-759-1309 | E: sarah@townsendrealestate.com
Sarah has always had an interest in real estate, so attending school to become a licensed broker was a no brainer for her! Although she previously studied business and worked in customer service, Sarah discovered that property management offered the opportunity to earn a consistent income while doing what she loved.
Coming from a family of small business owners, Sarah was attracted to Townsend’s reputation within the community and could relate to their passion for supporting locally owned small businesses. After meeting Jimmy and Alex, she made the decision to join the team, and 2 years later, Sarah enjoys the family-like atmosphere, grateful that she can work alongside people who truly care about their employees, clients and customers. Sarah loves helping Owners care for their greatest investment, and finds satisfaction in giving them the peace of mind that comes with her commitment to the job.
Most of Sarah’s time away from work is spent with family, but her personal interests include cooking, gardening, touring historic homes, immersing herself in the local community, and enjoying College Football. (Go Gamecocks!)


Phyllis Hall

P: 910-321-7962 | E: maintenance@townsendrealestate.com
Since her start in 2015, Phyllis has been an indispensible member of Townsend’s rental office. Her role as the Maintenance Coordinator is a crucial part of the property management process as it is the only position whose primary focus is to anticipate, address, and resolve issues from start to finish.
No doubt, Phyllis’ prior experience as Director of Finance and Human Resources cemented a set of solid work habits like her precision, punctuality, dedication and thoroughness. Her studies in Business Administration are evident in the high level of professionalism and order she maintains while balancing a heavy work load with emergencies and everyday occurrences.
Townsend is privileged to have such a responsible and dedicated individual working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our properties are maintained in a timely and satisfactory manner.
In her spare time, Phyllis enjoys reading, crafting and sewing.


Susanne McRae

E: susanne@townsendrealestate.com
Susanne has the hefty role of inspecting each and every rental home Townsend manages, and has done so for 7 years. Her accurateness and organizational skills are what make her a perfect fit for the job.
As the only team member who spends the majority of their time outside of the office, Susanne truly understands the value of her position which is why she makes it her aim to be completely reliable and punctual. When among her workmates, Susanne’s energetic personality can be felt throughout the building! Townsend appreciates having such a dedicated person as part of the team.
When not inspecting, Susanne stays busy caring for her son, traveling – especially home to Germany – working out and occasional walks.

Kim Hart

Lisa Gregory

E: lisa@townsendrealestate.com
Since 2010, Lisa has proven to be an integral member of Townsend Real Estate. Starting as an Assistant Realtor in our sales office, Lisa gradually began working more and more on the rental side, now covering a range of responsibilities across several departments.
Lisa credits years of work at the Cumberland County Library for some of her organization and attention to detail; and attributes part of her desire to perform meaningful quality service to her studies in English. Her values of honesty and integrity are traits Townsend truly admires.
Away from the office, Lisa takes pleasure working in her yard, walking her dogs and creating lovely pieces of art.

Kim Hart

Kim Hart

P: 910-321-1951 | E: reception@townsendrealestate.com
The newest member of Townsend’s rental office, Kim is a great addition to the team. As the Receptionist, Kim’s calm spirit immediately puts customers at ease, helping create the friendly and positive environment Townsend strives to maintain.
In short a short period of time, Kim has demonstrated a sincere to desire learn as much as she can about the business in order to successfully carry out the responsibilities related to her role. Answering and addressing a high volume of calls each day, Kim keeps a cool and calm demeanor – one we’ve all grown to admire.
In her free time Kim loves shopping, traveling, and enjoying precious time with her loved ones.

Kelvin Tyson


Cortney Jacobs