Owner Services

Townsend Rental Department specializes in end-to-end management of single-family homes, apartments, or condominiums. We manage property in Cumberland County, and the near portions of Hoke and Harnett counties. We understand that, for most people, your home is your most valuable investment. Our goal is to be your representative for the home in matters relating to the tenant. This includes collecting rent, handling necessary repairs, providing accounting, handling the tenant’s security deposit and assessing damages, preparing 1099’s, and more.

Our rental agents are salaried employees that only do property management. However, we are part of a great company with fantastic sales agents. If you need the services of a sales agent in our Sales Department, click here.

Most homeowners want to know how quickly we can find a tenant for their rental. In truth, there is not a standard answer, because market forces are constantly changing. What is known is that a home in great condition at a reasonable price rents more quickly than other homes. WE are always happy to discuss how to prepare your home for the rental market. If you would like to discuss our management, please call 910-323-8666, toll free 866-349-8224, or provide your contact information here.

Tenant Screening

  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Report
  • Prior Evictions
  • Income and employment verification
  • Prior residency history
  • Sex offender
  • Terrorist data base

Property Maintenance

  • Contractor invoices with owner statements
  • Repairs as needed
  • Periodic inspections
  • Full move-out inspections
  • Thorough “make ready” actions to prepare homes to rent
  • We monitor an emergency cell phone 24/7 for maintenance issues.

Marketing your property

  • Review of marketing history of similar homes and current market conditions for proper pricing.
  • Recommending changes in your home to make the home more marketable.
  • Advertising on multiple websites using multiple photos, a description of the property, and directions to the home.
  • Yard signs
  • Marketing to and cooperating with other Realtors; in the showing of your home.
  • Applications are taken online.
  • Leases may be executed at the office, online, or by fax.

Owner Payments and Statements

  • We use a secure, online accounting program.
  • Each owner can view, download and print their statement at will.
  • Owners receive a 1099 form at year end for tax preparation.
  • Owners are paid by direct deposit on the 10th business day of the month.

Rent Collection and Evictions

  • We insist on timely rent payment.
  • We act promptly when rent is not paid.
  • When necessary, we handle the entire eviction process.
  • Eviction actions are taken the same month the tenant is late paying rent.

Lease Execution

  • We use leases approved jointly by the North Carolina Bar and the North Carolina Association of Realtors. The Addendum has been reviewed and approved by attorneys.
  • Leases are updated as needed to stay compatible with changes in the law.
  • Leases incorporate the terms, covenants, and restrictions of the property.
  • Upon acceptance, a binder fee is taken to reserve the property.
  • Security deposit and pro-rated rent are taken prior to occupancy.
  • Security deposits are held in a non-interest bearing trust account.


If you would like us to talk with you about managing your residence, please click on the link REQUEST FOR MANAGEMENT, complete the form and hit the submit button. We will contact you the next business day. We are glad you chose to enjoy the benefits of ownership of a rental property without the day-to-day responsibilities management of it requires. We look forward to discussing our services with you.